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Indie game about solving puzzles in a minimalistic art gallery...

Have you ever been amazed by the beauty of a minimalistic art gallery?

In a gallery walk into a clean and white room, admire the creativity, the beauty, and wonder how the creator was able to do such a clean and beautiful work, with sophistication but minimal.

Why Mazilistic?

The name Mazilistic refers to "Maze" "Minimalistic". I "Dilmer Valecillos" always wanted to create a game where you had to find a way out, Mazilistic is that but much more, I am bringing a minimalistic style to a simple concept and new game mechanics that I believe have not been done before.

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Screenshot 1

Level Prototype 1 with one destination.

Screenshot 2

Level Prototype 2 ball can fall.

Screenshot 3

Level Prototype 3 ball must get smaller.

Screenshot 4

Level Prototype 4 angled barriers.

Screenshot 5

Level Prototype 5 wow two balls.

Screenshot 6

Level Prototype 6 new colors.

Screenshot 7

Level Prototype 7 a bit too hard?

Screenshot 8

Level Prototype 8 so many colors.

Screenshot 9

Level Prototype 9 almost impossible.


Mazilistic Game Creator

Dilmer Valecillos

Project Lead / Programmer / Graphic Designer / Level Designer

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