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All about testing frameworks and tools to simplify or automate this process.

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Unity3d Mobile Optimization Tips

Unity3d Mobile Optimization Tips

After 4 indie games released I've learned many things about optimizing my games for mobile. At first I was very inexperience about what I needed to do and to be honest didn't have much exposure to optimization because I had never released that many games before. I now have a process where I ...

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Starting a new indie game right after launching a game

Starting a new indie game right after launching a game

Honestly I don't know how it happened but about 1 month ago I launched Cubiques (my second indie game) and right after I started exploring on ideas for my next indie game.


I remembered being in Minneapolis visiting for a Xamarin training with a daily training routine that started from 8 AM and ...

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Unity3d iOS Testing with TestFlight

Unity3d iOS Testing with TestFlight

I can’t hesitate the importance of testing your games because I have experienced the painful feeling on getting rejected by Apple after waiting few days until reviewers get to check my game.

You want your players to have a great experience and even if you are certain to have tested everything in Unity it ...

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