Category list

  • Augmented Reality 7 entries

    All about augmented reality including demos and programming.

  • CSharp 5 entries

    All about the C# programming language.

  • Game Development 69 entries

    General blog entries related to game development.

  • Magic Leap Development 2 entries

    Magic Leap development area for all about Magic Leap SDK, Magic Leap Hardware, and Unity3d Editor with Magic Leap.

  • Marketing 12 entries

    All about marketing your startup or indie game studio.

  • Motivation 29 entries

    Encouragement and best practices to keep you motivated during game development and ultimately help you in your path to complete your game.

  • Post-Processing 5 entries

    All about Unity3d Post-Processing stack.

  • Project Management 18 entries

    All about project management.

  • Startups 3 entries

    All about startups while making indie games, iOS apps, macOS apps, and literally anything related to my journey with my own startups.

  • Testing 3 entries

    All about testing frameworks and tools to simplify or automate this process.

  • Unity3d 40 entries

    All entries related to Unity3d.

  • VFX 2 entries

    All about VFX with Unity3d or other Visual Effect Tools.

  • Visual Effect Graph 1 entry

    Visual Effect Graph articles and videos as I learn to create interesting visual effects

  • Visual Studio Code 5 entries

    All about VSCode IDE, tips, tricks, and new features as it relates to game, app, or web development.