Why is blogging so important when creating an indie game.

Why is blogging so important when creating an indie game.

Few months ago I literally told myself that I was going to create at least one blog article a week about the indie game industry, game development, and technology in general.


I started on a good path, I setup a new website, added a new blog, made the blog mobile responsive, and built a platform that was easy for readers to find all kind of indie game information.


Just in the first week of launching the blog, I published about 4 articles, some articles were about motivation, and others were very technical. I also made sure that all article titles had keywords that were relevant to the topic, I researched keywords using Google Webmaster tools, added about 700 words and more to each article, and even went to Google to manually add each article to the search engine index.


Later that week I discovered that 0 NOBODY read my articles, honestly I don’t know what I was expecting back then but knowing what I know now Google won’t just magically rank your site overnight - and It takes a lot of consistency/time to get organic search traffic to your blog.


Well I took a different approach by asking myself few questions?


  • Q1 How can I let readers know about my articles?
  • Q2 Is there a much quicker way to get traffic online?
  • Q3 What sites would be interested about my articles?
  • Q4 How can I monitor Google exposure and traffic?
  • Q5 How can I monitor different sources of traffic?


Well, I had many questions and didn’t really understand how all of it worked...


So let me answer each one of my questions to give you an idea of what I did and what I’m currently doing with my own blog.


  • A1 Social media. I started tweeting about my articles and adding the appropriate hashtags. I also joined and post in a few forums and groups including Unity, Indie Game Groups, and others.
  • A2 Yes there is and it is called Reddit, however you MUST be very careful about how much you’re posting. Reddit protects their site from people posting about their own brand, so make sure you strategically post or better yet have it organically be picked up by the indie game community which can be done by just creating an amazing article.
  • A3 Well you should know this one. Think about your niche or target audience.
  • A4 Use WebCEO and Google Analytics for this. WebCEO gives me a lot of reports that helps me understand how my sites and social media channels are ranking.
  • A5 Same as above. I could add that for Twitter I’ve been using Twitter Analytics which is amazingly helpful. You can easily see which tweets are getting the most exposure and hopefully find patterns to help you understand why.


As of today, I’ve a good weekly routine of posting blog articles at least once a week. Don’t get me wrong there are weeks that I missed to do it but I decided to add a reminder on my phone that alerts me to do so.


To summarize, consistency is the key, post quality content regularly, keep your community informed and provide fresh content which will help you having them back in the future.


Thank you for your time and don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter, also be sure to find me at @dilmerv and stop by and say hi as I love to chat with everyone.

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