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My Journey while working as a solo gamedev

My Journey while working as a solo gamedev

Tonight has been one of those nights where I am just thinking so much about where my journey in this industry is going, I've worked in games that took too long and in other games where they were so successful but only took few months.


As I think about everything and get myself ...

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Be a perfectionist but a smart creator

Be a perfectionist but a smart creator

I think we all want to show the best of us, the best of our work, the best of our own skill sets, the best of who we are which is great, I love seen what other people create and a lot of people in the industry really do amazing work and many times is ...

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Bringing my iOS games into Steam

Bringing my iOS games into Steam

Hi all how are you!


So I've been working in Steam lately by bringing my games from iOS into that platform and this last weekend I brought in "Cubiques" which is now fully shipped and also released few patches over the weekend.


Today, I have been debating on either starting a new ...

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A how to for completing an indie game

A how to for completing an indie game

I've been giving this article a lot of thought, and honestly I have been thinking about it for the last couple of days. Also before writing it, I really wanted to think about it, and identify what were few helpful things I learned through previous games that allowed me to complete each project.


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Cubiques 2 - It wasn't easy but my game is about to release to Apple.

Cubiques 2 - It wasn't easy but my game is about to release to Apple.

Hi everyone this is a short article but is how I currently feel right now...


For those who don't know me I'm "Dilmer Valecillos" and I love to make minimalistic games on the side which means I have a day job and I do all of these work on weekends or when ...

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My new indie game adventure !

My new indie game adventure !

What an adventure !


I went to a conference about 2 months ago and each afternoon after the conference was done, I would go to the hotel and do what I love most which is game development. That first day I was playing around with Unity3d post processing effects and decided to brainstorm few new ...

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Exploring other areas to help me build my indie game startup

Exploring other areas to help me build my indie game startup

I'm about to release a new game with exactly 6 days before I do so and to change things up a bit, I decided to do something different and attended a conference where people like Tony Robbins and Gary Vaynerchuk spoke. I was a bit oppose to going to conferences where many speakers just ...

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Cubiques 2 - A sequel from my second indie game completed in 35 days.

Cubiques 2 - A sequel from my second indie game completed in 35 days.

Some of you may know me already from releasing games such as Stickman World which took 3 years, Cubiques which took 62 days, and my recent game Cubiques 2 which took 35 days and it is a sequel from my first Cubiques game now set to release next month.


I just wanted to take ...

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Keeping a healthy mind as an indie developer.

Keeping a healthy mind as an indie developer.

If you’re like me and have worked as an indie for a few months or years then you know how crazy can life get when you’ve joined the indie game industry. Why do I say the term “crazy” why is it so bad? honestly is not bad at all, but what is bad ...

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Feeding your entrepreneur soul.

Feeding your entrepreneur soul.

I would have never imagined to have done what I have done so far in the last 3 years of my entrepreneurial adventure.


I clearly remember starting on a new project and feeling so scared to get it out to the public. Not only I was scared but I didn't really feel that ...

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