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Unity Post Processing effects

Unity Post Processing effects

We all love how better a game could look just by adding unity post processing effects and my game Stickman World took a lot of advantages of using image effects in menu and gameplay scenes including:

  • Vignetting
  • Fast Bloom
  • Noise And Grain
  • Grayscale Effect
  • And lastly Tilt Shift HDR


So image effects is what ...

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Staying persistent and be persistent - Tips and tricks for game developers or any other niche

Staying persistent and be persistent - Tips and tricks for game developers or any other niche

As with any other skill, I had to learn to become a persistent person in my own projects. Not only I needed to keep the project excitement going but also had to learn to master habits that will ultimately train my brain, and overcome all challenges that any large project bring.


How to be ...

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Game Development Motivation

Game Development Motivation

The reality about Indie Game Development

Staying motivated can be one of the hardest tasks I encountered while working in my own game development projects. Reasons are many, obstacles are many, challenges are many and last of all I worked A LOT of hours even when I didn't anticipate to do so.


I ...

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Unity3d Creating Stickers for your iOS Unity Game

Unity3d Creating Stickers for your iOS Unity Game

A week had already passed by from releasing Stickman World to the App Store and I couldn't stop wondering about a conversation I had with a fellow developer about what kind of features specific to the iOS platform could help my game do something more, something that would also attract more attention, or something ...

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Never resting and overthinking about our own games for game developers

Never resting and overthinking about our own games for game developers

As many of you know game developers at least in the indie scheme of things are constantly thinking about their own game projects, we wake up thinking about what could we do to make our games better, what kind of things we could add, how could we fix those bugs, how could we bring joy ...

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Unity3d iOS Testing with TestFlight

Unity3d iOS Testing with TestFlight

I can’t hesitate the importance of testing your games because I have experienced the painful feeling on getting rejected by Apple after waiting few days until reviewers get to check my game.

You want your players to have a great experience and even if you are certain to have tested everything in Unity it ...

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Transitioning from a "dreamer" to a "doer" mentality

Transitioning from a "dreamer" to a "doer" mentality

Ever since started working side projects around 5 years ago I was a dreamer, and don’t get me wrong I want to be a huge dreamer and feel like I have many dreams in life, but there is a huge difference about some of us who always wake up everyday thinking about who we ...

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Spreading the word about your indie game and working smart

Spreading the word about your indie game and working smart

It was around 3 years ago when I started working on Stickman World, when I first started there were so many things I had to do that in many instances were overwhelming, for instance, I began coding like a monkey non-stop and I loved it but when it was about marketing I was honestly clueless ...

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Level Design - Our Experience

Level Design - Our Experience

Level design is one of the most challenging aspect of game development; many could say this is one of the components of game development where there isn’t really a right and wrong way to approach it.

What I’ve learned by going through the process is that there are certain fundamentals to adhere to ...

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